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SAGE Dining Services provides Laurel with gourmet lunch service.

SAGE brings the campus community together each day to enjoy wholesome, great-tasting food. With an emphasis on freshness, flavor and seasonality, our talented chefs custom-design menus to reflect guest preferences and the fresh products available in our community.

SAGE serves private schools and colleges across the United States. No other food service company, regardless of size, serves more independent schools than SAGE.

Our Commitment to Sustainability begins with our choice of vendors, selection of products and design of the dining program. It continues with a conscientious effort to minimize waste and implement environmentally responsible business practices.


Helping Students Make Informed Choices

SAGE believes all foods fit on your plate when you practice variety, balance and moderation. The SAGE Spotlight Program(R) makes this easy! We assign color-coded dots to all menu items to guide your decisions. Our program encourages a healthy relationship with food that is both fun and nutritious.

A balanced approach to eating relies on getting a variety of nutrients from a broad array of foods. Moderation is key since all foods contain differing amounts of nutrients. The green, red and yellow dots indicate how much and how often certain foods should appear on a plate.

VARIETY Green spotlight foods are the foundation of your plate. Simply prepared fruits, vegetables, whole grains, lean proteins and non-fat dairy are common green dot foods. Everyday, add a variety of these foods to at least half your plate for added color and nutrients.

BALANCE Yellow spotlight foods add a mix of nutrients and flavors to your plate. Yellow dot foods include fruits, vegetables, grains, proteins and low-fat dairy prepared with moderate amounts of added sugar, fat and/or salt. Balance your plate by filling a quarter to a half of it with yellow dot foods.

MODERATION Red spotlight foods provide valuable nutrients, but also contain some you want to moderate. Focusing on portion or frequency is a great way to enjoy red dot foods. Reserve a quarter of your plate for foods like macaroni and cheese, or add items like pizza to your plate a couple times per week.

SAGE's registered dietitians evaluate and update the program on an ongoing basis. As part of the SAGE Signature Service(R), they also analyze recipes and review menus for balance, completeness and accuracy.