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Student Government

There are three student government groups within the school that serve to represent students in three divisions: Primary School, Middle School and Upper School. In all divisions, students are represented by elected peers and the government groups address questions concerning life at the school.


Upper School Government represents all members of the Upper School community. Government members are elected by their peers and all have an equal vote in matters that come before the group.

School Government oversees the majority of student activities throughout the year and also provides a forum for the exchange of student and faculty opinions and suggestions.


Middle School Student Government represents all members of the Middle School community: students, faculty and administration. Class representatives and officers are elected by students and faculty and have a equal vote in all matters that come before the government.

The group meets once a rotation to address concerns throughout the Middle School and to help plan community building events. The President of Student Government runs the meetings and also convenes weekly assembly programs.


Primary Community Council consists of representatives from each K - 4 classroom with membership rotating several times a year. These representatives meet together with the Director of the Lower School to focus on incorporating our virtue of the month into their individual lives and the school community.

The Council reps also are leaders in larger school initiatives such as the Thanksgiving Food Drive, the Mitten Tree, and the Harvest for Hunger food drive. The girls engage their classmates in discussions about the importance and positive impact of community service.