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Student Activities

Laurel encourages student involvement in co-curricular organizations and has many clubs and groups for that purpose.



MIDDLE SCHOOL ORCHESTRA meets after school once per week to prepare for special performances in assemblies and at Middle School Concerts. It is open to students who have at least two years of experience with their intruments.

VOICES OF LAUREL (VOL) is a singing group for fifth and sixth grade students. The girls meet on Wednesdays after school and sing during assemblies and concert performances.

POWER OF THE PEN is an organization that supports and develops student writing. Seventh and Eighth Graders participate in a state-wide writing convention each Spring.

STUDENT GOVERNMENT is the elected group that represents all members of the Middle School. It meets once a rotation during lunch.

COMMUNITY SERVICE is an elected group that represents all members of the Middle School. It meets once a rotation during lunch.

SCIENCE SYMPOSIUM is available for seventh and eighth grade students

MIDDLE SCHOOL MAGAZINE is edited by students and welcomes submissions from all grade levels.


Any student or group interested in establishing a new club does so through the Upper School administration and School Government. Here is a sampling of some of the activities and organizations that currently exist in the Upper School.

ACTIVE PEERS is an organization of students who serve as resources for those who want to discuss academic or personal issues and is also responsible for coordinating certain student orientations and workshops and leading Middle School discussion groups.

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL is an organization that works to promote, through education and action, a greater understanding and respect for human rights. The group also works to create a greater political awareness in the Upper School.

ASIAN CULTURE CLUB  For girls interested in anything about Asia, we have lots of fun things to do in the club to learn about the unique Asian culture. Girls can get involved in doing presentations for others or enjoy the lectures on Asian culture done by other girls. We watch special Asian shows and movies together as well as sharing the great Asian cultural feast after learning to make some Asian food ourselves.

ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION includes captains of all varsity teams who serve their teammates and the school by advising the Athletic Director on the policy and practice of the athletic department.

BIG/LITTLE SISTERS pairs older with younger students. Big Sisters offer friendship, help, and advice to their Little Sisters and get together at special events such as the Big/Little Sister Breakfast and Halloween party. School Government is in charge of the Big/Little Sister programs.

BOOK CLUB exists to encourage students to enjoy reading and to read beyond the scope of the required reading for classes. Students pick books to read and then discuss them on a monthly basis.

CHAPEL THEATRE is Laurel's dramatic society. The members support all theatrical productions, including all aspects of play productions.

CLASSICS CLUB brings together students interested in learning outside the classroom about and experiencing aspects of Greek and Latin culture.

COMMUNITY HONOR COUNCIL is a group of elected faculty and students who meet to respond to significant breaches of community standards.

COMMUNITY SERVICE BOARD encourages service to the community by making students aware of community needs and by helping student volunteers find appropriate placements. The organization coordinates United Way/Community Shares Week, holiday drives and Special Olympics.

CUM LAUDE is a national honor society based on GPA. The top 20% of the Senior class is eligible for membership; half that group may be inducted in their Junior year. Eligible students must also have a record of good citizenship.

ECOLOGY CLUB develops educational projects and conducts fund-raisers to improve and to protect the environment of Laurel School, the community and the world.

FEMINIST ORGANIZATION exists to explore topics that relate to women and the support of women in society. The group engages speakers, watches film, debates and engages in conversations about the issues that affect women in society today.

FRENCH CLUB brings together students interested in learning outside the classroom about and experiencing aspects of French culture.

GALLIMAUFRY is Laurel's literary and art magazine. Gallimaufry is a fitting title for this magazine since it means "potpourri". The magazine contains short stories, poems, essays, photographs, drawing and prints created by the students.

GAY/STRAIGHT ALLIANCE is club dedicated to educating those interested in understanding the broad field of sexual orientation through various school and community activities.

GREEN KEY is an organization of Juniors and Seniors who are responsible for greeting prospective students and their families in the Admission Office, for guiding tours of the school and for appearing at prospective student gatherings.

GREEN AND WHITE TEAMS promote school spirit. The Dean of Students is in overall charge of Green and White activities.

LAUREL LEAVES, the school yearbook, is written, financed, photographed and designed by a staff of students working under an advisor.

MODEL UNITED NATIONS is an organization of students interested in current and foreign affairs. Students prepare to represent selected countries in Model U.N. sessions in Cleveland and at university- sponsored programs in other cities.

PEER TUTORS help to build the confidence of students struggling with course material. Tutors offer a friendly environment in which they can aid their fellow students and build new friendships.

SCHOOL GOVERNMENT is the organization that represents all members of the Upper School community: students, faculty and administration. Members are elected by their peers and all have an equal vote in matters that come before government. It is the responsibility of Government to oversee the majority of student activities that take place during the school year. Government provides a forum for the exchange of student and faculty opinions and makes recommendations and suggestions to the faculty on a wide range of issues. The Charter of School Government is available in the Upper School Office and on the school's website.

SPANISH CLUB brings together students interested in learning outside the classroom about and experiencing aspects of Spanish culture.

SPEECH AND DEBATE (Forensics) is the study and practice of public speech. Members of the Laurel Speech and Debate (Forensics) team compete in weekly tournaments throughout the school year sponsored by the Ohio High School Speech League and the National Forensic League. Students may participate in any of nine speech categories or four debate categories. Team meetings and practices are held during activity periods and after school.

SPIRIT CLUB brings together students interested in promoting school spirit in a variety of settings. The Green and White teams are an integral focus of the Spirit Club.

UNITED CULTURAL SOCIETY (UCS) celebrates the ethnic, national and religious diversity of the Laurel community through special assemblies and student activities.

THE VOICE is the Laurel School newspaper written for and published by Upper School students. All Upper School students are eligible to serve on The Voice.

YOUNG DEMOCRATS AND YOUNG REPUBLICANS are the school's chapters of the National Young Democrats and Young Republicans of America.