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Laurel School Parents Association

The Laurel School Parents Association (LSPA) was established in the 1960s, and strives to make a significant contribution to the Laurel community in several meaningful ways. We provide a forum for parents through regular meetings and events and facilitate parent-to-parent and school-to-parent communication. We invite our membership -- the parents and guardians of currently enrolled students -- to use their talents, resources and time for the benefit of the student body. Volunteer opportunities abound at Laurel athletic and performing arts programs; the Crile and Lake libraries; teacher appreciation initiatives; community service programs; Admission events, and as room parents, to name but a few.

The parent-operated Gator Lane shop, which sells spirit wear and gifts, relies on a large team of parents who staff the shop each week and at special events. Profits from Gator Lane and annual fundraisers allow the LSPA to fund programs that directly benefit students, faculty and school-wide initiatives. One of our proudest accomplishments was in creating The Helping Hands Fund in 1999. It is now an endowed discretionary fund providing financial assistance that enables all girls to enjoy the “extras” that are part of the Laurel experience. Initiatives such as this one would not be possible without the extraordinary commitment of our Laurel parents.

Through LSPA, parents will find a wide range of opportunitiesto get involved as individual schedules permit.  Voluntary dues are collected from each family to offset our expenses. LSPA holds four general meetings a year, featuring topics of interest to the parent community.

The LSPA is governed by an Executive Board of seven officers and four Division Coordinators who administer the numerous projects sponsored by the association. Elections are held in April for the following school year’s Board. Committee Chairs are appointed by the President and Room Parents are appointed by the Division Coordinators. The LSPA Executive Board welcomes your thoughtful comments and suggestions, as well as your participation at whatever level is comfortable for you.