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College Planning Timeline

Laurel School believes that the college application process is an integral part of a Laurel education involving introspection, articulation of goals and the development of mature decision making. Laurel’s Lifeskills class and Seminar class ensures the college guidance process is integrated into curriculum and that Laurel students are supported and prepared for success in college applications and college life.


9th Grade:
Take PSAT in October
November and May:  Low-key college information in Lifeskills class

10th Grade:
Take PSAT in October: Consider some sort of test preparation based on scores
November and May:  College counselors talk with girls in Lifeskills class

11th Grade:
Begin Junior Seminar class
Take PSAT in October:  Consider test preparation based on scores
Visit colleges
Spring:  Individual college conferences
Take SAT (and possibly Subject Tests):  January/March/May/June
Take ACT: February/April/June
Summer:  Continue to research colleges; visit schools and narrow the college list; Complete Common Application, Work on essays

Note:  There are many appealing summer programs, either through organizations for summer travel or through colleges offering summer courses for high school students.  These will not help your daughter get into college; she should only consider them if she is truly interested in what the programs have to offer.  Students can have enriching experiences close to home, whether working, volunteering, or being part of family trips.

12th Grade:
Students take Senior Seminar
Take SAT/ACT/Subject Tests as needed
Complete college applications
Visit colleges
February:  Financial aid deadlines
May 1:  Date by which all students pay a deposit at a college, indicating intent to enroll