College Guidance

College Guidance

A letter from Missy Rose - Director of College Guidance

Laurel’s approach to college guidance is highly individualized, and our mission is to help each girl find colleges that closely match her interests, talents and goals. Note that “colleges” is plural — because among the more than 2500 four-year colleges and universities in the US (not to mention the wide array of choices in Canada and the UK), there will be quite a few where each girl would thrive.  We work closely with our girls to help them understand the college process and develop an appropriate list of schools to explore. We talk with students about plans for appropriate standardized testing, provide suggestions and advice on college essays, and review every application before they are submitted to ensure that each girl is presenting her best self to each college.

Collaboration among the student, her family, and the college counselors is essential in the college choice and application process. We believe that the girl must be in charge, with parents and counselors offering support and encouragement and families being transparent from the outset about any particular constraints in terms of affordability or geography. 

The college counselors meet with the Seniors regularly; it’s not unusual for us to see many of them every day, as they stop by with questions, or just to check in to be sure they are on track!  We are also available to parents by phone, email, or in person as often as needed.

We are actively engaged with juniors throughout the year, and we also talk with 9th and 10th graders — and their parents — periodically, in a low key way to provide information, dispel myths, and reassure them that they will be ready for the college process when the time comes.

We look forward to getting to know, support and advocate for every Laurel girl!

Missy Rose
Director of College Guidance
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Barb Favret
Assistant, College Guidance
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