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The Dream, Dare, Do Vision

After two years of strategic planning work that included all Laurel constituencies, Laurel School's
DO VISION was born. 

The foundation of the plan takes the form of six "vision elements" that complete the statement, "Laurel is a school where:"

  • Every girls is known; each girl thrives
  • Definitions of excellence are broad
  • The facilities support extraordinary curricula
  • Teachers are celebrated
  • The community is welcoming and diverse

From January of 2007 through January of 2009 the work of the strategic plan was organized into 14 strategic initiatives (version 1.0).  Having made great strides toward realizing the vision, and feeling as if the time was right to realign our resources and rethink how we needed to organize our efforts in pursuit of the 6 vision elements, we then restructured the plan such that the strategic work was undertaken by what we called "resonance clusters" (version 2.0).

We encourage you to review both the first two years of our work (version1.0) and the new structure we adopted in the second half of the 2008-2009 school year (version 2.0).