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Visual Arts

The visual arts are ever present at Laurel School. Just walk through the halls and you will see student work from every division proudly displayed. From a very early age, students work with a variety of materials and experiment with different mediums. Activities are age-appropriate and taught by experienced teachers who also pride themselves on being working artists.

Painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, photography and computer art are some of the offerings available to our students.

At Laurel, the arts are an integral part of our curriculum in all divisions, with time given regularly during the day to work in the art studios. Girls learn through doing, and are given opportunities to experiment and to push their creative boundaries in a safe and nurturing atmosphere.

Throughout their years at Laurel, students are exposed to a broad spectrum of artists, aesthetics and techniques. Through assignments, lectures, discussions, critiques, and the study of art history, students leave Laurel with an appreciation for and understanding of a variety of art forms and movements, and with awareness of the profound impact the arts have on our lives.