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Upper School

A Laurel education develops not only a girl’s mind and body but also nurtures her character and her spirit. The expectations to which we hold our girls are high—young women are capable of extraordinary feats when their voices are heard and valued! Inspiring teachers, a dynamic liberal arts curriculum and a highly individualized college process that begins in the Ninth Grade characterize the Upper School experience. Yes, she will become a superb critical thinker, a confident communicator and a creative problem solver. Perhaps more importantly, she will learn that with the privilege of belonging to this community comes the responsibility of shaping the world.

Global Citizens
... and scholars, students in the Upper School think critically and creatively, solve problems and test assumptions—in the classroom and beyond. Though all classes, taught by experts in their disciplines, prepare girls for college, our Honors, AP and Kenyon Academic Partnership (KAP) courses immerse students in college-level work, a significant advantage our youngest alumnae report with pride. Courses in five world languages enhance a rich liberal arts tradition that embraces the humanities, the sciences and the arts. Through Prot?g?, our internship program, and Passport, Laurel’s global education program, girls discover what it means to be citizens of Cleveland and of the world. A comprehensive college guidance program assists girls and their families throughout the college process, seeking for each girl choices that best meet her individual talents, interests and needs. Many co-curricular activities, including athletics and numerous clubs and organizations, add dimension to the Upper School experience and offer opportunities for girls to lead.

Intrepid Leaders
Who is a Laurel Upper Schooler? She is an award-winning artist, photographer, scientist, musician, mathematician, composer, athlete, actress or writer with an enormous capacity for learning and doing. She is an entrepreneur, a scholar, an activist and a leader. A Laurel girl sets goals and accomplishes them. She excels at adventure—in the classroom, on the field, in the world. She expresses herself freely and debates with conviction. She respects multiple points of view and she respects herself. Who will she be when she grows up? She will be a woman who is courageous, ethical, compassionate, curious, confident and equal to what her life presents. A Laurel girl fulfills her promise and betters the world. For more information, visit