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Primary School


Inquisitive Scholars

Learning at Laurel is often noisy, messy and fun! The cognitive growth of a Primary girl is exponential. The Primary School is an extraordinary place where girls excel - they set goals, ask questions, seek answers and establish the foundation they need to become life-long learners. An exceptionally dedicated and inspiring faculty has created an interdisciplinary curriculum, rich in content and transferable skills. Essential questions are explored, critical thinking is fostered and enduring understandings are formed. In our all-girls setting, girls develop early the capacity to take intellectual risks and to challenge themselves, building confidence and mastery along their way. Experiences with technology, math, science, engineering, creative writing, and quality literature require girls to collaborate and learn to identify their own strengths as they work together. Laurel girls develop cultural savvy, technological and linguistic skills, and a passion for discovering solutions to complicated problems that will allow them to compete and succeed in a global world.

Feisty Scientists

Girls learn by doing. Active learning allows girls to experience the world. At Laurel we know it is sometimes best to move away from desks and learn about the natural world directly. A fully interdisciplinary approach, incorporating environmental science, mathematics, social studies, language arts, the arts, group problem solving and leadership development characterizes Laurel at Butler Days (LAB Days) once a month for an entire grade. Great education is transformative and offers multiple points of view - at the Butler Campus, girls literally gain another perspective on the world. In an environment that emphasizes respect for the natural world, including sustainability and respect for all, Laurel girls learn to believe in themselves and in each other.

Primary highlights include:

Learning at Butler (LAB) Days

Each Primary class spends time every month at Laurel's 140-acre Butler Campus.