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Middle School

To guide your daughters through their classes, the faculty have designed engaging and dynamic courses that are experiential, interdisciplinary, and offer community-based learning opportunities. Girls will conduct inquiry-based experiments, solve mathematical problems, read literature, write stories, read primary sources, and construct their understanding of the concepts being taught. They will work collaboratively in teams to prepare for the adult world where problem-solving is rarely a solitary experience. They will explore new ways of learning through tinkering stations that encourage risk taking; during Intersession, they choose from among mixed grade level classes and discover the joys of learning without the weight of evaluations. They will spend weeks at the Butler Campus during Tinkering Week, the Archaeological Dig, and Nation Creation discovering experiential, interdisciplinary and community-based learning at its best.

Girls reflect on their learning styles and expand their repertoires of study skills starting in Fifth Grade. Throughout the Middle School experience, students systematically develop reading, writing, public speaking, and analytical thinking skills through all of their classes. In the arts, they learn new modes of expression to share their interpretation of their experiences. In Physical Education, they learn to test and strengthen their bodies, building energy and skills to help them enjoy life more fully. Girls get practice playing on a team and competing with tip-top sportsmanship.

In addition to the rich, full curriculum in classes, the girls grow through Life Skills Advisory, a critical aspect of our program. In small groups, with the guidance of a teacher, girls learn to grapple with issues that are typical during these years of tremendous change like how to be a good friend, how to resolve conflicts, what to do to organize and enjoy activities in a limited amount of time, how to be a more efficient and effective student, and how to be a productive citizen who contributes to the community. Assembly programming and service learning experiences offer opportunities for the girls to broaden their thinking and discover ways to contribute to the school, local, or global communities. Our girls are eager to apply their energy and ideas and to make positive impacts on the world.