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Pre-Primary School


Pre-Primary students enjoying the tire swing on the playgroundWe invite you to explore Laurel's coeducational Pre-Primary School where learning, love and laughter guide our philosophy and infuse our days. In a warm, caring, colorful and child-centered environment Laurel builds active, intelligent minds and joyful learners.

Bright Beginnings The joy of discovery, pride in accomplishments and the confidence that comes with mastery through play - these are the qualities that an exceptional first curriculum for young children promotes as it lays the foundation for success, both in school and life. Children who explore and create meaning discover that learning is fun while developing social, emotional and intellectual skills that will serve them well throughout school. Recent research in brain development impels us to establish an early, strong foundation for a lifetime of learning. Though the years between birth and five are critical for neurological development and cognitive function, placing a premature emphasis on the acquisition of traditional academic skills confers no academic benefit in the long run and can undermine a child's interest in school. It's the joy of learning that needs to be nurtured and our experienced teachers impart that joy while ensuring that children feel secure and supported in trying new things.

Engaged Explorers Whether they are charting how many days until butterflies emerge from their chrysalises, making movies with digital technology or finding colors in the natural world on an expedition on the Butler Campus, Pre-Primary girls and boys are explorers - full of energy and eager to discover new worlds of arts, science, math, technology and literature. They experiment and play with a wide variety of educational materials designed to encourage many kinds of learning. In addition to an engaging curriculum, gifted teachers and small class sizes, Pre-Primary students benefit from the resources available as part of a larger school. Pre-Primary children interact with girls and adults from all the other divisions of the school and become integral participants in the Laurel community.


Laurel's Pre-Primary programs strike the right balance between nurturing
three-, four-, and five-year-old girls and boys, and fostering an independent spirit
which sparks creativity, curiosity, and imagination.