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One-to-One Technology

Our Goal
The exciting launch of Laurel School’s One-to-One Technology Program is the culmination of three years of research, planning and preparation. We understand that our role is to prepare young women to fulfill their promise and that for them to excel we must thoroughly prepare them to for them a world that is technology centric.
As one of the premier girls’ schools in the country and the home of The Center for Research on Girls at Laurel School, which puts the world’s best research to work for girls, we understand that girls learn best in a collaborative environment. One-to-one technology exponentially expands the collaborative landscape.

What Distinguishes Laurel’s One-to-One Program
While the allure of a laptop program might be enough for some schools, as with all curricular initiatives at Laurel, we investigated and weighed the existing research to make a decision on whether a one-to-one program would benefit our students and impact their learning in a meaningful way.

The Thinking Behind Our One-to-One Program
In 2008, a faculty committee formed to research existing programs and to determine, based on the knowledge gained from that research, whether or not a one-to-one technology program would benefit Laurel students. After thoroughly studying the research and the potential benefits to the Laurel community, the committee recommended that Laurel adopt a one-to-one technology program.

What the Research Indicated
+ Students in one-to-one math classrooms perform significantly better on standardized math exams
+ Blended learning is the most effective method of instruction according to a 2009 U.S. Dept. of Education MetaAnalysis
+ Students in one-to-one environments are highly motivated and these environments increase access to up-to-date information
+ Teachers report a greater ability to customize and adapt teaching with these programs
+ One-to-one technology levels the playing field by standardizing the tools

Implementing the Research into a Curricular Initiative
In 2009, a feasibility study determined that the school could successfully sustain a one-to-one laptop program. Since then, the Information Resources department has worked to lay the groundwork for the One-to-One Technology Program by improving Laurel’s technology infrastructure and training the teachers who will implement the program. Additionally, metrics are being put into place to measure the impact of the program. We understand, through research and a thorough understanding of our school culture and of how girls learn best, that this is the right program at the right time for Laurel School and its students.

The Launch
The One-to-One Initiative roll out begins in the 2011-2012 school year with the Seventh and Eighth Grades and will be phased in to encompass Grades 7-12 over a three-year period. The Seventh and Eighth Grade humanities curriculum has been rewritten to have ready access to these tools. The Information Resources Department collaborated with Dr. Lisa Damour and the Center for Research for Girls (CRG) to develop an internet education curriculum that fosters awareness in our students. This curriculum focuses on three areas— Safety, Ethics and Posterity. Throughout the year, we will work with the students in the Middle and Upper Schools through advisory and homerooms to deliver this curriculum as it develops.