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A National Leader in STEM Education

The architects of Laurel's STEM initiative are invited to speak across the country and are asked to lead workshops on the best ways to educate girls in STEM disciplines.  Laurel's record of curricular innovation and record of developing cutting-edge, interdisciplinary STEM programming for girls, though, speaks for itself:

  • Engineering Program - In 2002 Laurel established one of the first high school engineering program for girls in the country
  • Multivariable Calculus - in 2001 Laurel became first girls school in Ohio to offer this course (third sem. of college Calculus)
  • Programming - sequence of curricular programming experiences that span K-12
  • Mentoring - our flagship Mentoring program with CWRU complements a deep curricular investment in mentoring
  • The Dig - Two-week long interdisciplinary unit grounded in archaeaology
  • Tinkering Stations - the Center for Research on Girls created these to encourage girls to explore things from the "inside out"
  • 6th grade STEM - an incredible year of interdisciplinary STEM curriculum
  • Primary STEM - Interdisciplinary STEM learning begins early for Laurel students

At Laurel we know that STEM education is most powerful when girls focus on solving problems in a collaborative atmosphere and when the class is engaged in critical thinking and making connections between what they know and how the world works around them.