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Duck & Quail Cam 2012

This year we have DUCKS and QUAILS!   [These two live-streaming videos require the Java plug-in.]

Quail Cam   Duck Cam

Our Bobwhite Quail began to hatch on April 27, and number a covey of 15 lively birds! They are 3 weeks old now.

Mrs. Hacala's Middle School May Term group built them a coop and designed a flight pen so that our quail can test out their new flight feathers!

They are now transitioning into their flight pen soon to be housed outdoors at the Lyman Campus. This process of gradual acclimatization prepares the birds for their eventual release into the wild of the Butler Campus, later this summer. We hope you have enjoyed witnessing their amazing growth.


This year we are hatching Cayuga Ducks. 13 duck eggs were laid between April 13th and 19th and were shipped to us on the 20th.

We placed them in this incubator on April 23rd. Incubation time is 28 days.

The ducklings began hatching on May 21st.

The ducks left for the farm on May 25. We'll do it again next spring!