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The Laurel School Board of Trustees is composed of member trustees, ex-officio trustees, and honorary trustees. The bylaws call for no less than twenty and no more than twenty-eight member trustees, who serve a maximum of three consecutive four-year terms.

Individuals who serve as Laurel trustees reflect a wide range of backgrounds and skills. They share a commitment to excellence in education generally, and in Laurel School’s well being specifically. Through their volunteer service, they plan, develop and establish policy; assess the Head's performance and have input into matters of development and financial health; assume responsibility for the school’s financial condition and physical plant; and select and work cooperatively with the Head of School.

Member trustees agree to serve on at least one board standing committee. The committees include: Executive Committee, Buildings and Grounds Committee, Committee on Trustees, Development Committee Finance Committee, and Investment Committee. In addition, Ad Hoc committees are created for reasons including student life and strategic planning.

Laurel School Board of Trustees 2013-2014

Kenneth C. Moore, Chair
Elizabeth Embrescia ’88, Vice Chair
Lynnette Jackson ’93, Secretary
Douglas W. Preiser, Treasurer

Teresa Metcalf Beasley *
Shannon P. Blackwell *
Susan Collins Bosland ’76
Daniel DeSantis*
Timothy D. Dixon *
Diane Downing
Mary Weatherhead Feldman ’84
Lee M. Hoffman *
Carey Jaros ’96
Bettina Katz*
Terry Horvitz Kovel ’46
Paige G. Lauster
Bruce V. Mavec
John E. McCue
Jacquelyn Nance
Melissa O’Dwyer
Victoria Anderson Patacca ’82
Nancy Phelps Seitz ’68
John Sinnenberg
Lois Nook Sussen ’48
Sandhia Varyani ’91
Elizabeth Hosler Voudouris ’84 *

* Executive Committee Member


Trustee Emeriti
John P. Batt
Grace Grasselli Bowman ’49
Susan Walter Cargile ’60
Mary French Conway ’46
Christine Cowan-Gascoigne’70
Louise Pomeroy Dempsey ’62
Sr. Maureen Doyle, O.S.U.
Mary deConingh Emerson ’46
Heather Roulston Ettinger ’79
Ann Wible Gillespie
Lois Unger Horvitz ’44
Anne Conway Juster ’80
Frank N. Linsalata
Catherine Dwyer LoPresti ’65
Nancy Breckenridge McCormack ’48
Joseph N. Nook Jr.
Donna S. Reid
Barbara Peterson Ruhlman ’50
George S. Sherwin
Jeffrey C. Sinclair
Frances Prindle Taft

Ann V. Klotz, Head of School
Martha Walters Royan ’71, President, LSAA
Eliza Saada, President, LSPA



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