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Welcome from Ann V. Klotz, Head of School


"A wreath of laurel leaves crowned winners in Ancient Greece. At Laurel School, every girl wins. Here, she will find her voice and discover her passions. She will learn in a community intentionally designed to challenge and inspire girls."

~ Ann V. Klotz, Head of School

Welcome to Laurel School!

Laurel's legacy as an outstanding girls' school is founded on academic excellence, respect, shared values and tradition. Informed by our past and innovative in our practice, the School is a vibrant, dynamic place.

To inspire each girl to fulfill her promise and to better the world: our mission guides all we do. Curricula and philosophy flow from it and our values statement: in a community of learners, Laurel girls are courageous, ethical, and compassionate.  The girls at Laurel know both of these statements by heart and live them each day.

At the center of the school are talented girls and a superb faculty eager to communicate knowledge, experience and ideas. An inclusive community, Laurel celebrates diversity by attracting faculty and students of different backgrounds and experience. In partnership with families, Laurel instills in girls a sense of responsibility, integrity and compassion. We help girls identify their strengths and understand how they learn best.

Laurel offers limitless possibilities for learning. Whether a Middle Schooler is investigating archaeology at our Butler Campus or a Senior is completing a research project in a laboratory at the Cleveland Clinic or a Second Grader is rehearsing for a play, learning at Laurel is active. While we foster independence, we also give girls many opportunities to work collaboratively to solve problems. In these ways, the girls hone their ability to communicate clearly and form friendships that last forever. Through intellectual, creative and physical challenges, girls learn to lead. They not only dream - they do.

We understand that the strands of a student's academic, social and intellectual and emotional lives are interwoven. Laurel encourages girls to balance academic excellence with participation in the arts, athletics and activities. Such experiences reinforce academic concepts, and the connections girls forge with students and adults beyond the classroom strengthen self-esteem. Laurel students emerge as confident leaders ready to embrace life, equipped to face the challenges they will meet and conscious of what it means to contribute to their communities.

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