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Our Mission and Values

Who will your daughter be if she comes to Laurel School?

She will be an individual who has honed her intellect, developed her confidence and discovered her passion. That happens because our mission - "To inspire each girl to fulfill her promise and to better the world" - fuels all we do.

We celebrate each child's strengths, nourishing her mind and character. Transforming her from a dreamer to a doer, we take each girl from where she is to where she wants to go. "Committed to building a just and inclusive world, Laurel girls are courageous, creative, ethical and compassionate."

At Laurel, our expectations are high; our enthusiasm for girls is boundless.


Every girl...

No one is invisible at Laurel School. Whether a Middle-Schooler is investigating archeology at our incomparable 140-acre Butler Campus or a Senior is completing a Protégé research project at the Cleveland Clinic, learning at Laurel is always active, always focused on each girl. A dynamic community in which academic excellence is as essential as oxygen, we know girls: how they learn, think and feel. All Laurel girls are smart, but they are smart in lots of ways and, just as we cherish our racial, religious and ethnic diversity, we understand that learning is different for every student. We meet a girl where she begins and, in partnership with her and her parents, invite her to chart her course through the school - with strategies that help her achieve her goals. With tradition as a cornerstone, we continue to innovate and build curricula specifically designed for girls. Laurel is the real world - for each girl, every day.


We are proud to be an inclusive and equitable school community and we actively seek a diverse student body and faculty without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or disability, or sexual orientation.

As an evolving community of learners, we strive to build bridges and make connections that embrace equity and justice not only within Laurel School, but also in our local, national, and global communities. Doing so allows us to embrace our mission “To inspire each girl to fulfill her promise and better the world.”

To this end, we work to honor individuals and to respect multiple customs, traditions, values, and perspectives. We understand that social identifiers – such as gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status, family configuration, sexual orientation, ethnicity, ability, and age – play a crucial role in our individual experiences and have shaped society as a whole. We expect members of our community to be guided by courage, empathy, and compassion because we believe these values foster inclusion and that their practice teaches us to better understand a complex and dynamic world.